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OFFER - Mottolino gondola - transport and lunch

added from  4 Years | 2heart.icon

All-inclusive offer. Only one ticket for transport at altitude and lunch in an hut. All included to reach an altitude of 2400 meters and enjoy a lunch with view of the valley. To feel closer to the sky, but always with your feet on the ground.

from  € 23,00

OFFER - Larix Park ticket family

added from  4 Years | 2heart.icon

Validity: 2 adults + 2 children (under 18 years-old)

Gangways suspended between the trees, lianas, nets, and balancing games, are only some of the challenges that await you hidden among the centuries-old larch pines of the park. Whether you are grownup or young, we are sure that this fairy tale forest will enchant you, and that after a few hours here, your muscles will know they exist. It’s a great place for remembering how beautiful it is to play outside.

from  € 96,00